The Crew

Da Boss Lady


The Ringmaster: Christy 

Favorite Fly: Any Dry 

Favorite Time to Fish: Any time its not raining, snowing, cold or windy.



Guide: Byron
Favorite Fly: The one tied on
Favorite Time to Fish: 24/7 

Byron comes to us by way of western New York where he developed his love of hockey,  both as a spectator and player.  He started his guiding career in  southern Oregon, and like the steelhead he chased, he ultimately  swan upstream and beached in the Alpine area. When not guiding or trying  to find new water to fish, his main focus is trying to be the perfect  husband. (it's really not as sweet as it sounds, it's truly self serving  so he can remain a guide the rest of the year) Byron started guiding  for Pioneer Anglers during the summer of 2017 and is back again this  year.  



Guide: Jim Andras 

Favorite Fly: Highly Classified

Favorite Time to Fish: Steelhead season!

Jim Andras stepped into guiding for the Telluride Angler 25 years ago and never looked back.  His love of wild trout and travel eventually led him to guide in Chile, Alaska, Kamchatka and Mongolia.  Today, Jim calls Southern Oregon home and guides the Rogue and Klamath Rivers.  He considers each new day on the water his best, occasionally takes a decent photograph and supports organizations that work to ensure better habitat, policy and protection for native, wild fish.  This summer, Jim looks forward to guiding for Pioneer Anglers, dry flies and Snake River Cutthroat!



Guide: Darin Day
Favorite Fly: Fat Albert
Favorite Time to Fish: Summer mornings

Darin has spent the last 18 years guiding hunters and the last several years guiding  fishermen on our local waters. Darin is energetic and loves to get his clients into fish.  When not guiding, he spends time  with working with the Teton Raptor Center rescuing  orphaned raptors.  



Guide: Mike

Favorite Fly: Royal Wulff 

Favorite Time to Fish: Whenever time allows.

Mike is the elusive guide/shop helper/minion/curmudgeon that just appears and picks up the slack and then disappears again.